Email scam alert

Email Scams Targeting Websites


We are often contacted by clients after they have received emails from random individuals or businesses claiming to have the expertise to improve the website’s “digital performance”, or improve the site’s ranking by providing a “website audit” or wanting to write “posts” and link to the site.

Be very wary when approached in this manner. Before you agree to let someone have access to your site or pay any money to them, thoroughly check their credentials. It is more than likely that they are email scams.


If you look at the Signature blocks for all 3 of these examples below they are all very similar.

Michael | Strategy & Technology Manager

Headquarters: 41 Bridge Rd Glebe, NSW 2037, Australia
Other Offices: Hong Kong & China | USA | New Zealand | UAE | Singapore

Address: Level 13, 460 La Trobe St Melbourne VIC 3000
Global Offices: NZ | China | USA | Singapore | UAE

SMM Pty Ltd
Headquarters: 36 Surry Hills Sydney NSW 2010 Australia
Other Offices: Hong Kong & China | USA | New Zealand | UAE | Singapore

Google their names, visit their websites.
Looking at our examples on the internet, each of these companies have different addresses to what is listed on the Signature block. Also when we looked at “Page Port” there are warnings on the net about this being a SEO Scam from India.

So please before you think about contacting any of these people because they sound good and say they can help you out, check with us. As the end result could be that you spend money and get nothing or get infected with spam etc on your site. No doubt they would ask for money up front or access to your site..

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