Quick Link Designs is your solution for all your website needs. We specialise in the creation of small to medium size business websites.We offer a range of fixed price packages starting from only $399. We can also sort out domain name and hosting! The Internet is a small world, so no matter where you live, we can help you.

Even if you are experiencing problems with your existing website or need to get it fixed or even upgraded, we can do this for you also. We will talk to you about your requirements, and suggest what is best for you. We work on the most popular system of all. WordPress. Yes thats correct, WordPress is the most popular CMS system for a reason. It out does all other systems in many ways.

And then when your website is finished– you are in complete control of it! You can maintain and edit the website wherever you have access to the internet by logging in and adding or changing whatever you want. Or updating the plugins or WordPress as required. Or ask us to manage all that for you on a monthly basis.

So contact us now and lets have a chat to see what we can do for you.

logoLGTin the end it all went as planned, Pete was extremely helpful and his finished product speaks for itself, the Web page looks great and we have received lots of compliments re the design and its easy navigation.

In closing, thank you Pete for a job well done…”

LogowaspsThen we met Quick Link Designs.
Within weeks of that initial conversation, we had our web site completely redesigned.

The team at QuickLinks were impressive to deal with at every point along the way. They responded to questions quickly, and took control of the process, to deliver a highly professional site that we can maintain ourselves.”

Pete took the time to understand our business, then added his own expertise to produce the brilliant website we have today.

Pete has more than exceeded our expectations and at an unbelievably affordable price.”

Quiklink Designs

Considering A New Website Or A Revamp?

Speak to us before you go elsewhere. No obligation and Free chat first.

There are a lot of other Web Designers out there who will give you some of their own hosting, block you out and build basic sites for you. Dont consider these.
You must have control of your own site. Own logins to your Domain names, your site and your hosting. So buy your domain names in your own name. Buy your hosting in your name and have full Admin access to your site. Dont let others buy these in their name. They will own it and you have no access.
You wont have any control and as we have seen many times, you can be held to ransom over it and lose your site altogether.

Domain names: Put these in your own name. It will then belong to you. Dont let a Web Designer buy it for you and put it in their name. It will be long to them and the process of transferring it is long. Thats considering if the Web Design will transfer it for you.

Hosting: Buy this in your own name so you get the log in details. A web designer who offers you hosting at a fixed fee for the year then wont give you access can also hold your site at ransom if you decide to change to someone else to help you.
There are many great low cost Hosting companies out there. So dont pay exorbitant prices.

Website: If you need to or dont have the experience, then yes get a Web Designer to build and maintain the site for you, but always ensure you have access to the Admin area as well. Check it often that you do.

Remember, EVERYTHING should be in your name. It is yours and you pay good money for it.

Consider all these above because what if later you dont want that Web Designer to help you anymore, all it takes is a change of passwords to stop them having access to your site.

We have seen so many of our customers who have lost their site and spent a lot of extra money getting their domain names back and having to get someone else to rebuild your site from scratch again.

Speak to us first, and we can explain all this in more detail.

Responsive Designs

We create websites that are fully responsive on a variety of devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Phones.

Quicklink Designs

Custom Built Sites

Sites that look fantastic visually portraying your business style and ethos. Easy navigation, easy to use ordering systems, no frustration for the client.

Quicklink Designs

Site Maintenance & Management

Protection from malicious activity and website crashes, keeping your content up to date and relevant.  We offer maintenance and management packages to suit your individual needs.

Quicklink Designs

Awesome Support

Quick Link Designs provides a 5-star service to all clients. Before and after sales. Training inclusive on handover and we also provide  content management services.

What Quick Link Designs Offer

  • We create personlised websites that reflect your business operation and style.
  • Websites that are functional, easy to use and maintain.
  • We will work closely with you, giving personal and professional support.
  • Protection and peace of mind with regular maintenance services.
  • Site management services to ensure your site remains current and relative to your business.
Quicklink Designs
Quicklink Designs

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