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Testimonials Are They Worth It?

Website design brisbane

We have it on very good authority that client testimonials increase your visitor’s trust.  Whose authority I hear you say?  Yoast, one of the most renowned Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO) businesses.  Yoast consults to some of the biggest brands on the planet, including Facebook, eBay, and the Guardian.


Why do Testimonials work?:

  1. It is proof that someone else has used or tested the product and it worked well enough for them to say so.
  2. Testimonials not only say how good your product is but how and or why it worked for them.
  3. The benefit of the product is clearer and it is easier for the potential client to decide to purchase it too.

What should you ask clients to write about?:

  1. If you are offering a service they could write about what the issue is that they needed to be addressed and how your service or product accomplished that.
  2. If you are selling a product item (eg clothes) they could write about the quality of the product, delivery time and the ease that they experienced when dealing with you.

Placement of the Testimonial.:

  1. Testimonials are no good if people have to go searching through your site to find them, so display them prominently on your landing pages.  The two most common pages that people visit are your “home page’ and the “about us page”.
  2. They should also be placed close to call-to-action buttons – make sure you have them somewhere else on your site and not just on the testimonials page.

Click here for the full story from Yoast about Testimonials.



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