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Website Management

Per Month Options
Select your Monthly Web Design Management Choice Below
______ Hourly Package Hourly Web Management $75.00/hour
______ Up to 5 hours of Monthly Web Management. $297.00 each month ($60.00/hour)
______ Up to 10 hours of Monthly Web Management. $497.00/month ($50.00/hour)
______ Up to 20 hours of Monthly Web Management. $797.00/month ($40.00/hour)

Additional time spent will be billed at the rate per hour shown above. Time not used during billing period is
non-transferable. All payments will be due in advance. Each billed month will last for a period of 1 Month. Upon completion of 1 month, the ‘Client’ will be billed by Quick Link Designs for the next month’s maintenance.

A choice of payment methods are as follows:
Pay Month to Month
Pay Bi-Annually – 6 Months (5% Discount)
Pay Annually – 12 Months (10% Discount)

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