Testimonials Are They Worth It?

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We have it on very good authority that client testimonials increase your visitor’s trust.  Whose authority I hear you say?  Yoast, one of the most renowned Search Engine Optimisation  (SEO) businesses.  Yoast consults to some of the biggest brands on the planet, including Facebook, eBay, and the Guardian.


Why do Testimonials work?:

  1. It is proof that someone else has used or tested the product and it worked well enough for them to say so.
  2. Testimonials not only say how good your product is but how and or why it worked for them.
  3. The benefit of the product is clearer and it is easier for the potential client to decide to purchase it too.

What should you ask clients to write about?:

  1. If you are offering a service they could write about what the issue is that they needed to be addressed and how your service or product accomplished that.
  2. If you are selling a product item (eg clothes) they could write about the quality of the product, delivery time and the ease that they experienced when dealing with you.

Placement of the Testimonial.:

  1. Testimonials are no good if people have to go searching through your site to find them, so display them prominently on your landing pages.  The two most common pages that people visit are your “home page’ and the “about us page”.
  2. They should also be placed close to call-to-action buttons – make sure you have them somewhere else on your site and not just on the testimonials page.

Click here for the full story from Yoast about Testimonials.



Mobile Friendly Website

Recently in early 2015 Google came out and said that if your Website is not Mobile Friendly then you will be de-listed from the Google listings. Then they changed that and said you will be moved down the list. This means if you are moved down the search listing, there is a high chance no one will see your website at all. ( unless they search through pages and pages of listings)responsive design

So what should you do?

First thing to do is check and see if your site is mobile friendly here. Mobile Friendly Test.
If your site passed the test, then great.

So what does it mean if you failed?

You should be looking at getting a new website. This choice will usually mean that you should be getting a site that  employs modern responsive design principles. You will then find that the biggest advantage of responsive design is that your site will look good on both a desktop computer and mobile device by adapting to every type of browser it encounters.

If you failed the test you will see Not mobile-friendly. If this is the case then contact us at Quick Link Designs to discuss how we can make your site Mobile Friendly.
And at the same time we can give your site a new modern look to go with the Mobile Design.


Remember just because you CAN see your current website on your mobile device, doesn’t mean it is mobile friendly. Do a check and see for yourself. If you have to scroll sideways on your phone to see your pages, then guess what, you need to contact us here at Quicklink Designs to see what we can do for you.

Responsive Website

Is Your Web Site Slow

High Speed WordPress

Your Hosting company is one of the most important factors for a WordPress website. Your host affects the speed, the seo ranking, and reliability of your WordPress website.Listed below in this easy to follow guide we’re going to show you a few online tools you can use to test your current Hosting company.wordpress_speed

Check for Overcrowding

This is the single most important test you can do. Overcrowding can hold back a WordPress site significantly, and in several ways. Overcrowded hosts typically have restrictive settings that can “choke” a wordpress based website. If a Hosting company has several hundred websites on the same ip, your websites reputation can be affected by every single one of these websites.

How many websites does your current host fit on one server?

To check this we’re going to use a fancy tool on yougetsignal.com. Head to the following link:


Enter your domain name without http:// or any /, just your domain name. If my website was http://www.wordpress.com, just enter wordpress.com. Click on the check button and wait for the test to finish. If you find there are 100 or more websites being hosted on the same ip, you probably want to consider finding a new Hosting company. Also look for a red outlined box at the top after the page displays your results, this warns you that there is adult content hosted on the same ip address as your website. This can negatively affect your websites reputation and should be avoided.

Speed Test

Testing your WordPress websites speed is easy. Most people make the mistake of using speed testing programs like Gtmetrix and Yslow to speed test a WordPress site. These tools only test post render, whereas most WordPress speed issues occur pre render. Usually a slow wordpress site is caused by slow database queries, unoptimized php/mysql configuration, or an overcrowded webserver. To test the speed of your WordPress based website, head to:

tools.pingdom.com. Enter your website and click test now. Wait for the test to finish, and then look for the first line that comes up in the results while ignoring the rest. The first line represents your pre-render time, this is how long your webserver takes to process your WordPress website and display a page. Anything over 1 – 2 seconds here is considered slow, if you’re experiencing results over 1 – 2 seconds, you may want to consider a new Hosting company.

And finally, the dashboard test

This is the easiest way to see if your current Hosting company is slowing down your WordPress Based website. Simply sign into the back end of your wordpress site and start browsing through your administration panel. Visit different areas and pages while observing how fast each page or area takes to load. It should take under 1 second every time, and in most cases under a 1/2 second. If it’s taking longer, you may want to consider a new Hosting company.

Why you need a website

We do I need a websiteIf you have a website, it is like opening the doors of your business and inviting your customers in.
Having your own website, will allow your customers to find you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So while you are sleeping those wee hours away, your website is still open for business. Its like a living Business Card.

Your not only attracting people from close by you, in the next street or same town, but people from all around the world. If you have a product that you want sold all over the world, then a website is the way to sell it.

If you advertise through print, that is printed on paper, then it has a limited life, where as your site has an infinite life, can be changed on the spot without further costs, and is updated instantly.

Having your own website will save you thousands on real estate costs and your site is a 24/7 sales agent for you.
And even if you do have a shop where you sell your products, your website will help promote your product to people that didn’t know you or your product existed before.

So get yourself and / or your product online and grow your business. Contact us and allow us to help you succeed.

“A Word from one of our Clients”

We had an old website which we had done 3 or 4 years ago. We found Pete and got then to update our site to a modern new one. Wow it looked so good and far better than the old one we used to have. Thank you very much.
“Amazing Support”
Rebecca Stone