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Recently in early 2015 Google came out and said that if your Website is not Mobile Friendly then you will be de-listed from the Google listings. Then they changed that and said you will be moved down the list. This means if you are moved down the search listing, there is a high chance no one will see your website at all. ( unless they search through pages and pages of listings)responsive design

So what should you do?

First thing to do is check and see if your site is mobile friendly here. Mobile Friendly Test.
If your site passed the test, then great.

So what does it mean if you failed?

You should be looking at getting a new website. This choice will usually mean that you should be getting a site that  employs modern responsive design principles. You will then find that the biggest advantage of responsive design is that your site will look good on both a desktop computer and mobile device by adapting to every type of browser it encounters.

If you failed the test you will see Not mobile-friendly. If this is the case then contact us at Quick Link Designs to discuss how we can make your site Mobile Friendly.
And at the same time we can give your site a new modern look to go with the Mobile Design.


Remember just because you CAN see your current website on your mobile device, doesn’t mean it is mobile friendly. Do a check and see for yourself. If you have to scroll sideways on your phone to see your pages, then guess what, you need to contact us here at Quicklink Designs to see what we can do for you.

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