Content Management System sites

Content Management System’s

We custom build all our Content Management Systems (CMS) to integrate with your business requirements. CMS’s provide you with the flexibility and control of editing the graphics and information on your website instantaneously.

You are given control over the publication of web content to your web site, in particular, allowing you to create, submit and manage content without requiring any technical knowledge of any Web Based Programming.

Content Management Systems ( or CMS) are seem as a great way to keep the costs of running your site to a minimum. A lot of Website Maintenance and Managementcompanies will charge upwards of $100 hour to make even small changes to your website. With a CMS style site,you will have access to manage the content of your site yourself if you are so inclined and if you are just writing or pasting words in there, then this is the best.

To create a CMS site can cost a little more at the beginning, however if you plan on changing the content of your site on a regular basis, then this is a must for you.

Also there are a couple of CMS style sites that will out perform in the Google world that many others out there.

Non-CMS sites

Sometimes a CMS site is not what you might want ( I cant understand why you wouldn’t), however if you need a site that sits there 24/7 and never needs an update, then maybe a Non-CMS site is a way for you.

But remember, a CMS style site can just sit there as well, never changing, and only needing very minimal updates.




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