Outdated WordPress Software

Panama Papers Breach Attributed to Outdated Sites

Security-BreachJust like the software on your PC, your Content Management Software (CMS) (or for most, your WordPress Software) for your website also needs to be kept up-to-date.

Failing to keep the software up-to-date means that your website has the potential to be exploited. This could result in your data being stolen (or your customer’s data), your website being blacklisted as a security threat or even all of your website being deleted. While Conetix is responisble for the security of the network and the server itself, the security of your website (and all software updates) is the responsibility of the client.

Warning: Failure to keep your site up-to-date may result in your website being defaced or if it’s used for malicious activities it will be suspended.

Tips to keep your CMS software up-to-date:

  • Use a platform which is easy to update (eg WordPress)
  • Login frequently to your admin area in order to check for updates
  • Don’t forget to update all plugins and themes as well.
  • Contact us to organise for use to do this on a weekly or monthly basis for you

A recent write up explains how the sites owned by the Panama Papers Breach were  left vulnerable.
See write up.

So imagine your site being hacked? Imagine your site having your content stolen from.

Do something about it today. Call us to discuss your options.

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