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Red X showing instead of pictures on emails

Have you set up an email to be sent to you from your site, image included, and then found the computer you are getting your email to shows a Red X where the picture should be? Microsoft Outlook is configured by default to block automatic picture downloads from the Internet. Some advantages of blocking automatic […]

Why you need a website

If you have a website, it is like opening the doors of your business and inviting your customers in. Having your own website, will allow your customers to find you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So while you are sleeping those wee hours away, your website is still […]

Why is a website so important?

During the past 10 years, having a strong online web presence has evolved from being a great marketing tool to a make-or-break business must-have. Now, if you don’t have a website, you run the risk of not only not reaching potential customers through social media, search engines and directory listings, but of alienating your current […]