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Mobile Friendly Website

Recently in early 2015 Google came out and said that if your Website is not Mobile Friendly then you will be de-listed from the Google listings. Then they changed that and said you will be moved down the list. This means if you are moved down the search listing, there is a high chance no […]

Is Your Web Site Slow

High Speed WordPress Your Hosting company is one of the most important factors for a WordPress website. Your host affects the speed, the seo ranking, and reliability of your WordPress website.Listed below in this easy to follow guide we’re going to show you a few online tools you can use to test your current Hosting […]

Red X showing instead of pictures on emails

Have you set up an email to be sent to you from your site, image included, and then found the computer you are getting your email to shows a Red X where the picture should be? Microsoft Outlook is configured by default to block automatic picture downloads from the Internet. Some advantages of blocking automatic […]